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              Taian win-win xintiandi sanitary products co., LTD., founded in 2017, belonging to Yu Taian win-win new material co., LTD., is set research and development, production, sales and serviceIn the integration of maternal and infant supplies company. Company headquarters is located in the beautiful scenery of shandong taian, covers an area of 160 mu, with hundreds of class purification workshop 15000 square meters, construction area of 30000 square meters.   Company to "meticulously, xinxin pity" brand concept, adhere to quality is the first productivity, the high quality products of high quality feedback to customers. The main production - kang Jill far-infrared magnetic active oxygen anion sanitary napkin, pad, so big baby paper urine Trousers, lala pants, fork fork music baby diapers, lala pants, etc. Series of products, product line in the continuous rich.   Since the company since its establishment, we adhering to the "no can't do, only thought that" the company beliefs, insist to do the national brand, the international quality; Insist on advancing with The Times, in order to Internet marketing, offline experiential marketing for the overall planning, follow a new community, and more Yuan market service innovation, the most promising business model; Adhere to the following data is the trend of The Times, resource advantage, improve enterprise system, efforts to expand the converging points of common interests, actively realize win-win cooperation.   Taian win-win xintiandi sanitary products co., LTD., look forward to working with your sincere cooperation, win-win future!!!!!

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