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The basic conditions for high quality sanitary napkin

Quality of a material soft

Pure cotton material, natural non-woven or import net surface as the main material of sanitary napkin products, not only to ensure the product surface, when in contact with skin feel soft and comfortable, activities, and won't produce stimulation to the skin, in the daily activities by friction between skin and sanitary napkin, cause skin irritation or abrasion.

Water absorption effect is good

High quality sanitary napkin surface with soft cotton platoon is wet hole is relatively new technology, such as the water absorption capacity is 2 times the ordinary cotton pads; At the same time, the uniform distribution within the sanitary napkin polymer absorbent beads, not only can effectively absorb and lock moisture, can absorb more than normal with the original capacity of the moisture of 14 times. The water absorption ability, to improve the sanitary napkin on the surface of the wet environment, maximum extent reduce the bacterial growth.

Good permeability

If the fluid is thinner, the material is given priority to with the bulk of natural non-woven, choose contain breathable bottom film and thin strips of gum, so the sanitary napkin to use more breathable, not easy to lock up the heat and produce peculiar smell.

Pull sticker design

If effortlessly tore a piece of sanitary napkin, and gently stick good back into shape, and change won't leave a residual in underwear viscose, achieve this standard sanitary napkin viscose best performance, at the same time guarantee the clean, sanitary and convenient in use.

Night with type product has a unique shape

Three tank protection sliding sideways, gussets forward, as well as the widening and increase the fan at the rear, triple combination, to improving the quality of period of sleep, to rest more rest easy at night.

Sweet reminder:

Remember: when use sanitary napkin

1, change every two hours;

2, careful with drugs sanitary napkin, prevent allergy;

Be sure to wash your hands before 3, open the sanitary napkin.

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