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How to choose suitable sanitary napkin

Women in menstrual period,'s skin in sensitive parts is easy to damage. Survey found that 73% of women would feel local skin itching, burning pain during menstruation. This is more women in the menstrual period,'s skin in sensitive parts is easy to damage. This is due to the use of more breathable sanitary napkin, therefore, to be weathering the menstrual period, is very important to choose suitable sanitary napkin. Health posted generally consists of surface layer, absorbent layer and bottom layer three parts, it will first consider the materials and functions from the three parts.

First, the surface should choose dry net surface of the funnel type. Can make local skin surface dry and not suffering from the effects of the damp; Funnel design is better than tubbiness design, infiltration of liquid is not easy to return.

Second, the middle to use breathable, high effective gel layer for good. Sanitary napkin with high effective gel layer, can condense into compulsive the infiltrating liquid to jelly, not flow back after pressing, and you won't feel sticky on the surface.

Third, it is better to choose breathable materials for the bottom, it can make the gas water molecules pass, so, reach the role of moisture in time, effectively reduce the effect of sanitary napkin and body moisture, effectively reduce wetness and sultriness between sanitary napkin and body, keep dry and pure and fresh feeling.

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