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Sanitary napkin is necessary sanitary products for women

Sanitary napkin is indispensable for women's health supplies, and the health of the sanitary napkin use this very is the key, used for sanitary napkin you must master the important knowledge! Someone has said that women use sanitary napkin is like carrying a bacteria bomb, at any time can cause a disease or light or heavy, so you can pay attention to the correct method of use!

Women use sanitary napkin to avoid the minefields

  Often buy promotion, new products

  Generally speaking, promotional items, gifts may be merchants processing of unmarketable products, this kind of sanitary napkin is hard to ensure product quality. When selecting a new products at the same time, you'd better to choose a well-known manufacturers products with good credit, do not blindly pursue new, because new things are only possible advertising is new, quality can't get good make sure.

  Do not wash their hands before using sanitary napkins

  Use hand process of tearing the package, open, smooth, paste, which can lead to a lot of bacteria to the sanitary napkin. Because female genital skin direct contact pads, itself in menstrual period women's resistance ability is weak, slightly do not pay attention to, it's easy to cause infection or cause disease of department of gynaecology.

Do not pay attention to the validity of the sanitary napkin

  Do not pay attention to the validity of the sanitary napkin sanitary napkin is the use of high temperature disinfection methods to sterile, the validity of the one-time disinfection sterilization is limited, but over time there would be no guarantee of sterile. Especially for those who sanitary napkin storage time is too long, not opened also goes bad, pollution. So everybody before buy sanitary napkin, must careful look at the production time.

  Devotion to large uptake sanitary napkin

  A lot of women for their own convenience, like to use super capacity of sanitary napkin, although this method is very simple, but this method is not healthy is not science! Often use large amount of sanitary napkin, this kind of practice is not recommended. Long time not change sanitary napkin which leads to local ventilation is poor, lead to bacterial reproduction, triggering a variety of gynecological diseases.

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