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The use of the sanitary napkin

  Reminder 1: change, also should be more diligent

 "Classics blood is rich in nutrients, easy to be bacteria wantonly breeding" medium ", so the sanitary napkin must be diligent to replace."

  There are two types of errors:

  One is to use the function of strong absorption, protect good sanitary napkin, thought for a long time to use a sanitary napkin with no relationship;

  2 it is to forget when less volume replacement.

  A survey: Japanese women in menstruation to replace 6 times a day on average, while Chinese woman for 3 times. As Asian race, constitution should be no much difference, while the Chinese ones because of the high proportion of the coil use, whole menstrual flow should also be larger.

  Remind 2: careful drug sanitary napkin, allergic constitution of women especially be careful to use normal manufacturer of sanitary napkin, raw materials is a special safety inspection, and has been used for years. Sensitive, usually because of our physical problems -- with someone can also be allergic to eat shrimp, crab is a reason.

  Prevent allergy is only one way to avoid the allergen, so once sensory irritation, itching, discomfort, immediately stop using this kind of sanitary napkin, also can find out the best cause allergic ingredients (up to see the herbs are sanitary napkin), contain the same ingredients don't use sanitary napkin.

  So, how to choose suitable sanitary napkin?

  Women in menstrual period,'s skin in sensitive parts is easy to damage. Survey found that 73% of women would feel local skin itching, burning pain during menstruation. This is due to the use of more breathable sanitary napkin, therefore, to be weathering the menstrual period, is very important to choose suitable sanitary napkin. Health post general is consists of surface layer, absorbing layer and bottom layer, it will first consider the materials and functions from the three parts.

  First, the surface should choose dry net surface of the funnel type. Can make local skin surface dry and not suffering from the effects of the damp; Funnel design is better than tubbiness design, infiltration of liquid is not easy to return.

  Second, the middle to use breathable, high effective gel layer for good. Sanitary napkin with high effective gel layer, can condense into compulsive the infiltrating liquid to jelly, not flow back after pressing, and you won't feel sticky on the surface.

  Third, it is better to choose breathable materials for the bottom, it can make the gas water molecules pass, so, reach the role of moisture in time, effectively reduce the effect of sanitary napkin and body moisture, effectively reduce wetness and sultriness between sanitary napkin and body, keep dry and pure and fresh feeling.

  Also note:

  Look at the "health index" to buy sanitary napkins. Women's sanitary napkin, when the choose and buy must be based on principles of sterile health, read the purchased sanitary napkin production, use, understand the health index control, safe and clean. Don't include a brand while ignoring the health index. In addition, must be able to use "qualified" sign, the sanitary napkin can rest assured purchase.

  Remind 3: sanitary napkin best in two hours

  Miss zhang has been using tampons, is mainly because of the cleanliness of she cannot stand the smell of blood on the sanitary napkin. Actually, menstrual blood just out and no peculiar smell, but contact with the air, oxidation reaction, several kinds of chemicals are mixed together, just the smell.

  Overcome way, of course, is to choose a good product permeability, frequently change at the same time.

  Suggestion: should not be menstruation eat high fat food of high quantity of heat, and should be replaced with fruit, vegetables, beans, light diet, the body will follow and relaxed.

  Remind 4: keep a distance with sanitary pads

  Two days before and after menstruation, travel, travel, such as bathing inconvenient situation, sanitary pads can yet be regarded as a kind of convenient and practical, the choice of cleaning.

      "Pussy lips skin and skin structure is similar. In medicine, if they suffer damage, good plastic surgeon can transplant pudendal skin to rebuild. For the two skin, ideal environment is not dry, nor the etheric moist. Just think, our lips to caress, is often wrap it up?" "Delicate skin need a very breathable environment, if closed too sealed, moisture, easy breeding ground for germs, caused by a variety of health problems. Is the most ideal products high woven cotton underwear, and change every day; If the use of sanitary pads, don't forget to choose permeability is good product."

 "If more leucorrhea, the color yellow or with blood, a peculiar smell, probably because the vagina inflammation diseases, at this moment, the best way to not use sanitary pads, but as soon as possible to the gynecology clinic."

  Remind 5: disinfection and bleaching



  Sanitary napkin is not completely sterile, because it's hard to do, and it is not necessary: menstrual blood itself with a lot of microbes, according to a study: menstrual blood contains 108 ~ 9 per gram microbes, but generally speaking, there is no harm to human body. So, a lot of brand of sanitary napkin is not special disinfection, as long as meet the requirements of the national standard: do not contain pathogens, the number of microorganisms in a certain range, it will not bring any harm to our health.

  Remind 6: sanitary napkin environmental problems

  A woman, life is about 15000 sanitary napkin. Environmental issues, it seems, have to consider. Environmental experts tell us: waste sanitary napkin belongs to "recycling" of garbage, if your city, disposed of the rubbish at recycling and cannot be recycled, so put it on is a class of recycling. Never pads can be thrown into the sewer, which is the city sewer blocked an important reason. 

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